We now own InspectorLocator thanks to member Dennis Bryum.

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NACHI was recently able to register http://www.inspectorlocate.com and http://www.locateinspector.com

These 2 NACHI sites now direct visitors to the nearest NACHI member in their area. We arranged to have Google market it. See http://www.nachi.org/google.htm

What I really wanted was InspectorLocator.com but someone else owned it and wanted big bucks for it.

Angels come to our rescue again!

Unbelievably the guy who owned it, Dennis Byrum is a NACHI member!!! He owns a National Property Inspections franchise in Tennessee.

He gave us the domain for nearly nothing. We transferred it yesterday.

Please thank him.


PS NACHI is planning to build a website for InspectorLocator.com and will aggressively market it. It will be like www.inspectorlocate.com and www.locateinspector.com NACHI members only of course.

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Hi Nick,

that is a realy nice result, and Dennis’s magnanimus gesture I know will be appriciated by all NACHI members.

Hell we just keep getting better ![icon_smile.gif](upload://b6iczyK1ETUUqRUc4PAkX83GF2O.gif)



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