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Where’s Condo Bob Elliot? I did this whole project just to get his $5. :wink:

Condo Bob is right here. He don’t need no stinkin’ keyword booster.

You certainly have great organic rankings and I am sure you used SEO tools to get there. Others that want to rank like your sites will be definitely benefit from this tool.

You certainly have great organic rankings and I am sure you used SEO tools to get there. Others that want to rank like your sites will be definitely benefit from this tool.

Sorry Nick but I must say it would be a waste of time for someone to pay even $5 as I can attest that there is very little need for the keyword Condo.
Too small of a niche.
I would guess that less than 5% type in Condo and it is too small a keyword to be worth fighting over.
I just happen to be at top of a small niche in the same way we all specialize in something or another.

One on their own can do the same with other small keywords such as House,radon,termites,county,neighborhood,structural inspector,roof inspector,etc.

Will be happy to buy the name from you for a small fee however I seem to recall owning that or condominium inspector then simply gave it up as a local city or town in url is more effective than a general term with Google maps,etc now slanting results.

They can go on a site designed for a 1,000 names which is the same as a directory in a directory or they can just call me straight from the organic results.:slight_smile:

To sum up…condo as a key term generates a very small fraction and is useless unless you are exactly at top so I would stick with nothing but “Home” if I were to do it over.Condo is such an easy word to get on page one that if I write an article on them it will put me at number one with the article for days or weeks. has been "1 under Condo Inspection the last few years but I have been struggling to get it viewed under Home Inspection and have made page 2 which is great considering it was always stuck pages 5-10 till now.(very small market)however I am an expert in the field with the effort and detailed reports I provide.


Why would you put your money and time into this rather than getting us some real exposure on major websites. People might pay you a fee for that.

2/3rds wouldn’t:

If you build it, Nick, they will come. If most members knew how to market, they would not be concerned about spending a little bit of money a month on marketing. It is like asking an A$HI member how not to be reliant on Realtor referrals, or a monkey to not to throw it’s own s h i t at people when they walk by. They do not know any better. Sad but true.

Seems to me that individual marketing can be achieved best through local chapters however national marketing for the NACHI brand is marketing on its own.

There are several so called marketing gurus out there with a few of them being endorsed by NACHI.They do not visit the board however perhaps out of fear they will give away information for nothing.

Seems the best way would be to simply have a member be in charge of a section much as members are in charge of website of the month and member of the year awards.
I may be wrong ,but that is my thoughts on the subject with such minimal knowledge of a guy coming here simply to ask how much I would pay for at this point “nothing”.

Sure can’t be based on his rep as he hardly has any posts nor any resume he has been willing to share that would make him the king guru.

Any plan where I pay to compete against my own organic SEO for my Web sites is Dumb.

Why would I want to dilute my own organic rankings?

And for non performing search words like “Condo Inspections” at that?

A s s kisser Braun (CMI) is dumb enough to hand over his money. He doesn’t know any better. Sad but true.

How much of an increase in sales did you do Linas, last year?

I will show you my numbers and if my numbers bet yours, you got to spot stalking Bob. Deal?

Grossed $150k but started a new thermal imaging company which took $30k.

So 20% increase?

How much in actual Home Inspection I would ask?

$96k -296 full home inspections

If you want your SEO increased, check with Michael Merino. He will do wonders for you with HIP. If you don’t have the time or just trying to figure out how to get more business exposure.
Best investment to my business I have made since HIP and having a CMI mentor.

That is not the point I am trying to make. Russel H. probably does the most sales due to his inspection set up and marketing state of mind.

My point is how the right marketing can show a rapid increase in sales. If all inspectors are focusing on just the newest types of marketing than the older types of marketing is cheap. Getting you more bang for your buck.

The goal here is to provide a valuable marketing tool at a low cost of entry, with no required term of service. If it works for you, keep going…if not, you may cancel. We did not build these sites not to work for you.

Condo Inspectors may not have as high of search volume as Home Inspector, however the point is that you are getting a link from a relevant source with a google page rank of 4, which builds a SEO strategy based on multiple base keywords.

We also offer this service on so you may target two of the top terms for the industry, Home and Condo. For those that are looking to improve their SEO results, an inbound text link from a relevant and ranked source is one of the best things you can do.

This will not dilute SEO in any way. You can read any SEO blog about inbound text links from relevant sources and you will find that these are the most valuable types of link sources, not only for organic search ratings, but for customer referrals as well.