Website - is #1 on Google, Yahoo and Bing for the organic search terms “Condo Inspector” and “Condo Inspectors”, as well as many other long-tailed keywords.

This website is a complete brand and a great opportunity to present your company on a very professional level. The site is currently used as an online directory but may also be converted into a company brochure website.

We will move the site to your server and provide documentation on the content management system. You can also earn $50 - $100 a month on this site with text link ads.

Site features include:
Custom Design
Content management system
Google Page Rank 4
Original content
Custom Logo
Business card design
Folder design
Banner ad design
Flyer design
Domain name
Site has been live for 5 years, making it a well established site with the search engines.
Site code can be in ASP or PHP for windows or linux server.

Click here to visit the Condo Inspectors website. (
Click here to see all the Condo Inspectors Brand Material (
Asking price: $11,500.00
Contact me for more information at or 786-294-6160.

Thank you.

Cheap, when I compare it to the fortune I paid for the ultimate inspector association domain:

Are you willing to negotiate on the price?

Yes. The site has a strong value.

Most searches for inspectors include a geographical location to find a local home inspector or an inspector in the area which the buyer is purchasing a home. I searced for “chicago condo inspector” and your website was nowhere to be found. Good luck getting what you’re asking for your domain.

You are buying a brand with many features, one of which is search results. There are many other valuable elements included.

What are they?
I could see it as a strength if using it to generate income from inspectors that pay to advertise on it.

One can get more geographical location based URL’s from Go Daddy for $10 a pop however.
Geo mega tags or keywords can be added to give it good value however as it is a simple url to type in ,though for a single Inspector the extra “s” is not needed. is available for $11.99 / year. Much better deal.

Quick and buy it Linus:)
Seriously there is more to it than URL alone.
My prime site for condos does not even include the

As stated in the opening post: “This website is a complete brand and a great opportunity to present your company on a very professional level.”

I am not selling Google search results. It is listed as a feature because it is important to know that if your customers search for your website, they will find it in the first position. This opportunity is for a company that is looking to have professional creative design and a fully operational online marketing tool. This is not for a company that will only use this tool for organic Google search results.

Any Google search for a specific website will always get #1 listing. I just did a Google search for and got #1 results. Drop your price about $11,000 and you might find some dummy to buy it.:wink:

If you notice, I did not say that I was #1 for my “” name. Rather, the site is #1 for 2 specific keyword phrases: “Condo Inspectors” and “Condo Inspector” on all 3 major search engines, which is different than searching for “”.

As stated before, the search results is not what I am selling, although it obviously comes with the site. What I am selling is a brand, marketing tool and a great name. This site would be a great asset to the online marketing campaign of any condo inspection provider.

Q: Are you willing to negotiate on the price?

A: Yes.

In the internet marketing business, a website for sale generally has a verifiable income that reflects the asking price of the site. Go to, this is a clearing house for websites for sale that have income backing up their asking price.
Alexa ranks this website at 9,449,640. Even with the $11,000.00 discount it would still be too much.

Revenue and traffic are well known factors used in valuing websites. This is nothing new or groundbreaking. Not at any time have I said I am selling this site based on these factors. If you do not value professional design and branding then this site is not for you. Simple as that.

If you are looking for an established website to add to your company as an online marketing tool then you should consider this website package. Otherwise you can find a domain, develop a website, design print material and add content to get it to rank and generate traffic. To create something equal to you will have to spend much more than the $500 that has been assumed as a reasonable price for this site.

That pretty much expains it.

Yep, sure does.

Ben is the site unfinished ? ,as I was not able to find the resources links clickable.

I am surprised that you haven’t jumped all over his offer since you are the condo man. Come On Bob you can’t take that money with you. You might as well help out a starving inspector. LOL

The links are there as a consumer resource. They are not meant to be clickable because I want to limit the amount of outbound links my site has so I will have better page rank. If a consumer wants to visit one of the sites in the resource center they can just copy and paste the domain name.