Weep Holes in Shower Stalls?

I inspected a home last week and reported that the tile shower stall needed caulk in the corner at the point where the shower pan meets the wall because there was a hole there.
The seller told the buyer’s agent, “It is a weep hole and does not need repair”.
Has anyone ever heard of a weep hole in a shower stall? Please let me know.
Thanks, Earl

I’ve heard of “peep” holes.

Maybe they had it backwards.

It’s a Pee(w) hole . . .

Amazing, what you hear out there, Earl!

There actually are weep holes in shower stalls—I’ll try to dig up a pic if I can—and they are not supposed to be caulked. Some molded shower bases have them.

Correct, I agree.

My shower stall has weep holes.

Lets water flow out of the tracks rather than just sitting in there.

There are weep holes in the units where the walls set down onto the base (pan). It allows any splash or condensation around the junction to run back into the pan. This is on a 2 or 4 piece fiberglass unit.

Pics would be helpful???

Agreed, re molded showers . . .
Earl was referring to a tiled shower - does this still apply?

I finished an inspection not too long ago where the weep holes were plugged. No one had ever heard of this and I even received arguments from the seller. Anyways here’s the pick of the plugged weep hole.


It is not supposed to be plugged-----but I would love to have someone explain what difference it would make.