Weep Wick Question

I saw this this morning on a new construction. Weep wicks were installed on third course of brick. None on bottom course. Why??

P7270021 (Small).JPG

Hi. Linus;

The only time I see that is when there is a brick shelf in the foundation/slab and the cavity behing those three courses are grouted and the flashing and weep are installed at that level.

Some install it at finish floor elevation, but I prefer to have it one course down.

Since I can not see the whole picture, this is an assumption.

Where was the finish floor relative to the first course of bricks in your photo?
I added this link for references;

Figure; 3 on http://www.advancedflashing.com/clientsuppliedcontent-forms/BIATechNoteTextPDFs/Tech%20Note%2028b.pdf

Hope this helps a little.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

I really didn’t go back into the home to investigate further. This was a second draw inspection on this home and I will investigate further on the next inspection. It had blown in cellulose wall insulation and some closed cell urethane foam insulation in different areas. I have only seen foam and blown in exterior wall insulation in maybe 3 out of 500 draws in the last 12 months.