Weld County, Colorado On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Regulations Study Guide.

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Mound: Above original grade soil treatment.

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Nitrogen Reduction: 50% reduction of influent nitrogen strength.

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Percolation Test: Determines water absorption capacity of the soil.

Note: Expressed in minutes per inch of water.

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Permeability: Property of a material which permits movement of water through it.

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Riser: Watertight vertical cylinder and lid allowing access to an OWTS component.

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Sand Filter: A type of OWTS that uses a layer of sand as a filter and uses pressure distribution.

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Trench: Below-grade soil treatment area 3’ wide or less containing distribution media and one lateral.

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Nice study guide, Nick!

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GPD: Gallons Per Day
ISDS: Individual Sewage Disposal System
LTAR: Long Term Acceptance Rate
MPI: Minutes Per Inch
NDDS: Non-pressurized Drip Dispersal Systm
OWTS: On-site Wastewater Treatment System
STA: Soil Treatment Area
TL: Treatment Level
TSS: Total Suspended Solids

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If both a building permit and OWTS permit are issued for the same property, the OWTS permit shall expire at the same time as the building permit.

Otherwise, an OWTS expires in a year if construction is not commenced.

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A permit is required for the expanded use (higher flow rate) of an OWTS.

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No OWTS permit shall be issued if there is a public sewer available.

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Treatment systems other than those discharging through a soil treatment area or sand filter system must be designed by a P.E.

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If you have an OWTS on your property, you have to permit access to the property to make inspections, conduct tests, take samples, and monitor compliance.

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The Division has to make it’s final inspection within 72 hours of being notified that the OWTS construction is completed. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not counted.

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If the OWTS was required to be designed and installed under the supervision of an engineer, the engineer must certify in writing that it was installed properly.

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Employees of a licensed systems contractor need not also be licensed.

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System Contractor’s licenses expire every year.

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A system contractor license is not needed for owner-installers who have obtained permits (one per year permitted).

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No variances will be issued where the property can have a conforming OWTS.