We'll be releasing an online, comprehensive, mold certification course very soon.

InterNACHI… #1 in education.


Course written. We now have to enter it into our online course system. A few more days of work and we’ll have our own comprehensive mold certification course. Free for members.


What level will this be Nick?

What do you mean by “level” ? Level of course depth? If so, the downloadable course material is already writtend and is 156 pages long and Dr. Shane has been shooting for 3 days now. It should be a pretty robust course.

Nick, can you talk the good Dr. into providing us with the Allergen course, too?

Here ya go: http://www.nachi.org/moldcourse.htm


That’s a major step in our industry!

Major congrats, and hats off to whoever wrote it!

Picking up FREE CE has never been easier. WTG!

I just completed this course, and I must say it was very well written and put together.

Awesome course!!