Well card

My wife and I both had to visit the dreaded dentist a couple weeks ago and used the InterNACHI WELL CARD for a savings of just over $300.00 on a bill of $800.00. Its better than insurance, Its FREE.

Here is how get yours shipped to you for free: http://www.nachi.org/wellcard.htm

How does one find out which providers participate in the program…like dentists, pharmacies, etc.?

I checked their website and couldn’t find that info.

Went to www.wellcardhealth.com and there is a list of places or once you get the card there is a number on it.

Thanks, I ordered the card and will check when I receive the number on it.

I wish I knew about this before It could have likely been saving me a ton since my accident.

How come no one told me :slight_smile:

Just joking. I should know my own damn benefits.

Because someone on another thread decided for everyone that you shouldn’t listen to some of us old timers, so we all decided that we just wouldn’t share ANYTHING with you guys anymore! Suk on that!!! :twisted:


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