Well flow meter tester

Can someone point me in the right direction to get a flow meter tester? I cannot find one any where.

Richard, until you locate one you can do a fairly accurate job using a 5 gallon pail or a water cooler jug.
Good Luck!

A well’s yield is usually expressed by it’s recovery time (i.e., how long it takes for a given volume of water to refill the well cavity to the point it was before being drawn down). That can’t be done with a flow meter. It’s a very involved process and should be referred to a professional familiar with it.

If you want the actual flow rate expressed in gpm, it is much easier. If the well has a constant flow pump, it is easier to measure and could be done with a flow meter. Good flow meters are expensive. If there is a combination of pump and pressure tank (most common setup) it is more involved, but doesn’t require a flow meter (and it wouldn’t do you any good anyway). Rather than explaining it, here’s a link. How to Calculate the Flow Rate for a Well

What all do you do when you do a well and septic inspection? I just want to make sure I do this the right way.

I purchased this some time ago from Inspector Outlet. Unfortunately it is not longer offered for sale.