We'll go offline late tonight (Tues morn) while we upgrade servers.

We should be down for about 2 hours for the upgrade. We’re trying to get our hardware expansion projects done between Christmas and New Years.


Struggling to keep ahead of growth. Alexa.com says there are now only 5,337 websites in the U.S. that handle more traffic than nachi.org.

Please do not stay off line long… I miss you.

We try to rush it as fast as we can because whenever we have to temporarily close any portion of nachi.org for upgrades, our phones start ringing and email inboxes begin filling up. We thought we were OK upgrading the exam systems on Christmas morning but failed to realize that the East coast began taking courses around 11 am and we got hit with a spike. I guess inspectors had some down-time after opening presents and eating… and so they hit the courses.

Upgrades are just about finished. The hardware is installed and the server is back online so there shouldn’t be anymore downtime. System might be sluggish for another hour while I finish the upgrade on the software side. Hopefully won’t take that much longer—it’s 4am here and I’d like to get some sleep tonight :slight_smile:

Thanks for your hard work Chris.

Nick needs to give you a raise…:slight_smile:

Performing another upgrade right now. I don’t expect any downtime, but just thought I’d mention it.