Well, septic, no sump pump, gravity fed drainage

Inspected a home today that had, as the title suggests, well water, septic tank, no sump pump and a gravity fed drainage system. I’ve been trying to find some info about this type of setup.
Can anyone direct me to some??
This is a new, 500K home (1.5 years) with completely finished basement. Client was concerned about the lack of a sump pump, so was I for that matter. I am assuming this setup is ok but can’t find anything to read on such a setup.
All there was was a small floor drain in furnace room which condensate lines from furnace and HRV fed into. Could not determine where it went to.
Would this go to a tile bed?

Thanks if you can offer any advice!
Much appreciated,


We’re happy if everything drains by gravity and it is typical around here.

Floor drains would drain to the septic tank and through that to the drainfield. Often, when the lot grade is flat, there is no basement floor drain and any condensate is directed to a small pump and up and out.