Not quit sure on this guys. Can a sump drain into the sewer line that has a septic. I thought ground water could not be piped into the sewer.

Sewage ejector pumps could go to a septic.

Sump should go to storm.

You may want to inquire with the local jurisdiction.

Agreed I would check the local jurisdiction.

is it a holding tank, a mound ,a conventional if draining to a tank it would fill the tank and it would have to be pumped out sooner in a mound it would pump into the holding tank and make the motor pump into the drain field more ,and a conventional system would have little in pact on it if it only runs a few times a year like mine

Sump pumps should not be discharged into septic systems. It may overload the percolation capacity of the leach field.
Sump pumps should discharge to positive outfalls or storm sewer systems.
Check with your Local Jurisdictions.
What I said is the way it is in this jurisdiction.:slight_smile:

I would certainly hope so!

Totally agree with Marcel. If ground water is going into septic, it will result in more pumping of tank. And as he said the field will reach its’ absorbtion point faster, and unnecessarily.

To elaborate and interject my opinion. A sump COULD go into a septic, but not recommended. I have seen them in situations where they have nowhere else to go, and setup so that it would only run in a worst case scenario, and alert the homeowner of the situation. The septic would need to be pumped ASAP, basically using it as a holding tank after a severe rain. A occasional $150 septic pump is better than a flooded basement. Again, you run the risk of overlaoding the leech field, and then you have a BIG mess.

This is too complex a system for most homeowners.

As an example, two weeks ago, I received a notification from the sewer district at the town office, that they had to come check my basement for sewer hook-ups, and if you did not comply, a $50 charge would be added to your bill every year.
Come to find out, he just wanted to make sure that a sump pump was not discharging in the sewer system.
I don’t have a sump pump, so was not a problem.
I asked him what he does when he sees one and he replied, they have to disconnect it and discharge it to the exterior or which ever way they wish. Can’t be in the public sewer. :slight_smile: