Well this is a new one for me

supposedly brand new bradford white w/h no label.

Sometimes when a water heater is still functional but replaced under warranty for whatever reason, the nameplate labels are removed and sent back to the manufacturer. This may have been the case here but it should not have been installed. There is no longer any warranty.


We told them there is probably no warranty on this unit. Thanks for the feedback

Correct… also applies in some Recall situations.

I have seen a new construction home with water heater that had no serial/data tag. I picked up the instructions/warranty papers in the plastic bag and there it was. A separate decal that just needed to be put on the tank.


Good to know David. This is a first for me even in New construction. I recommended client consult with seller in regards to new install and if no info was available contact bradford white. I called bradford though they said if the decal wasn’t on the tank there’s no warranty. Maybe some of these companies have different policies