Brand and age

Hi all
I did a inspection today and the labels were all missing from the unit. Can someone tell me the brand and age?
The water heater was 1993 and it looks about late 80’s or early 90’s.

Robson 044 (Small).jpg

Robson 044 (Small).jpg

Robson 044 (Small).jpg

Robson 040 (Small).jpg

Robson 043 (Small).jpg

It looks like a Goodman/Janitrol product to me. I would go with 93 to 95 as far as age.

I wouldn’t make a definite statement concerning the age if you have no information to back it up. In a case such as this I simply state what I observed–there were no labels or name-plates visible.
Defer to the homeowner for service records and anything to verify the age.
Put the onus on the seller and remove liability from yourself as much as you can.
There may be some reason why the labels were removed and you really don’t want to step into that area without covering your butt.

No labels found can not verify age or make recommend service and further evaluation by qualified person immediately

Roy Cooke sr

The data tag(s) with model number, size, etc were missing. We can not verify the age, size or other technical data about the furnace. If this concerns you, we recommend verifying this information with a licensed and competent contractor PRIOR to closing OR have the seller provide needed documentation PRIOR to leaving escrow.