Wet Sill Plate ?

I can not figure out why the sill plates are wet and the foundation is mostly dry. Condensation is running down the wall from the sill plate. This is in a crawl space in New Jersey very close to a marshland so the water table is high. The beam on foundation wall in the center of the house was real wet, the joists are all dry. The outer plates can not be seen, they have been covered with pressure treated but you can still see the it running down the block. Owner was a florida home inspector at one time. The house is around 90 years old. I have not been an inspector all that long and would appreciate a little help. Floors were well insulated. Temps were around 27 at night to 38 during the days lately. this is my first time on here and do not know how to put pics up yet.

Thank you

Wood is more porous than concrete, so the water naturally would wick up from the concrete into the wood before condensing on the concrete below.

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If you have some conditioned air escaping at the base of the sill, condensation will form and run down the blocks. Or if you have cool air entering and the wood is warmer condensation will occur.

Could be lack of sill seal at the base of the exterior walls allowing air inward or outward. The wood will form condensation before the CMU’s.

these are the pics I was trying to get up, I hope this works

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Dale your answer about the lack of sill seal makes alot of sense. I did not realize then but I won’t forget now.

Thank you

Is it a dirt floor? Is there any vapor barrier on the floor? Are there any vents on foundation wall?

What a mess indeed…if its not conditioned space it certainly needs some ventilation, we don’t have that problem here with no humidity, but I see you certainly do there.

What is at the exterior wall?
How is the grading and are there any downspouts in the vicinity?
I hope my picture instructional helped.

Describe/report what you see…

I do not believe that that amount of water is condensation. My best guess is water is entering from above either behind the brick fascia or siding, most likely the result of improper flashing on the roof.



Can you provide exterior pictures at the noted location including roof, also side shot to depict the grade.
That is not condensation.
Also note the crack…probably hydrostatic pressure from the moisture issue.


I do not think it is condensation from the size of the stain and the pattern. Arther did you check for any piping going out along that wall. I see a galvanized pipe leak . I am wonder if a exterior pipe is leaking and flowing down the sill Plate. Any one see the pipe connection ?

Other than some sort of possible interior problem,as wtrprfr mentioned, and as we ‘usually’ see n find on something like this, one OR more EXTERIOR openings allowing water in/up high on basement or crawl wall…could be anything from water getting in through-around a WINDOW or DOOR above this area,any open mortar joints etc on exterior up to the roof incl`g any openings in chimney,flashing etc etc.

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