what a non weight bearing wall (posted by clarence kluesner)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on AskNACHI.org by clarence kluesner (from bloomington wis). [/ASKNACHI]what is considerd non weight bearing wall

One that can be taken out and not affect the load bearing of the building.
The non-weight bearing walls, typically, run parallel to the floor and roof framing but not always.
Consult your friendly qualified framing contractor.:wink:

Non bearing wall are the ones not keeping the second floor or roof in it’s place. You can not tell just by looking at the wall, it must be properly looked over by a qualified contractor that understands structure As Larry says “Consult your friendly qualified framing contractor.:wink:

Or a qualified home/commercial inspector that understands and can properly identify structural members. This can usually be performed on a finished structure from the basement, crawl space, attic and with IR in some cases.