What are we thinking about here!!

Why the added pipe from furnace vent and water heater vent?

Both vent to exterior.

Water heater is fan induced, PVC to exterior.

HVAC, high efficiency intake, exhaust to exterior.

Jury rigged connection leaks!!

Why install this pipe, not needed!!

234213 090 (Small).JPG

234213 090 (Small).JPG

234213 093 (Small).JPG

234213 090 (Small).JPG

Some high efficiency units can shut prematurely if there is too much resistance through the exhaust. This could be a way of eliminating the issue, if that was a problem.

Seems like there are better ways!!

Pipe leaks as you can see. Seems like more of a problem install the pipe between the 2 appliances.

Not saying its correct, but maybe that’s why it was done.

In my area typically on the roof, the vent is turned downward towards the roof. When there is problem with the furnace cycling. The HVAC contractor will remove the down turn an let the vent terminate in a vertical position with no rain cap. This takes care of the cycling problem and is an acceptable repair as well.