What caused this concrete damage

I was inspecting this house today and we were trying to figure out what caused this damage to the concrete. It was only to the driveway and not the sidewalk so I would assume it’s not from ice melt. Do you think it could be hail damage or maybe rain is rain on wet concrete?

They’re not gonna ask to have a repaired but I’m just curious what would have caused it

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Good question (my guess is too much accelerator or frost)

@mdurante may have some insight.


It wasn’t floated or finished properly.


That’s what it looks like from here. The pattern appears to be fairly consistent, so a brief thunder storm could have rolled through shortly after it was finished.

The sidewalk was poured at a different time which is why it doesn’t have the pock marks.

Too much working of the surface during finishing, and possibly water was sprayed on the top when it was bull floated. The broom marks look as if the top was extra creamy, especially the sidewalk. It was probably poured at a very high slump too…


First off I would say the mix. Too wet. No sump test.
Water on the surface. Not leting the poured concrete stand until surface water is gone.
The sidewalk is munisiple. Driveways are contracted by owners.

Likely too much air-entrainment in the mix.

That’s what it looks like to me. A brief sprinkling of rain would give it that appearance, but not enough rain to washout all of the cement fat of the finish.

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What part of the country is this in. Many of the comments are possibly the cause. If in snow country where salt is used on the streets/roads, the salt will drip off of the parked car causing the concrete to spall. If the concrete was overworked at time of placement, the spalling will be more prevelant.

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I’m in Central Oregon, we get snow and I’ve seen snow melt damage however the entire driveway was consistently damaged over the entire surface so i believe it isn’t from ice melt.

Now that we know all the possible causes… how do we fix it?

Write a big check…

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Everything is a big check these days. LOL

I’ve used these products before with great results. Broom finish application.

Maybe it is intended to look like this. Rock salt thrown over the surface, lightly troweled over to imbed the salt, let cure and wash the salt off. That is what it looks like from here in St. George UT…