Concrete questions

I need help with these pictures. Would you consider this spalling or popping of the concrete? This was obviously not a good mixture or was worked to long, but is it just cosmetic or an indication of more to come? Concrete was poured 13 years ago.




I see your in Indiana, road salt has a lot to do with it also besides just age, I sure wouldn’t give it a second thought.

Agreed. No big deal. . .

13 years old and that is the worst of it, I would say that looks pretty good for here in MI.

In my opinion for here in MI, Rock Salt for melting ice & snow (in most cases) is better to use then that IceMelt stuff. (calcium chloride) SE MI sits on top of salt. People say the salt burns up the grass, I never noticed any difference. The way I see it our plants are used to the salt in the ground. I would be more worried about the IceMelt (calcium chloride) which is known to melt rubber sole shoes, vinyl flooring, plastics, poly-finishes on wood flooring, etc. In northern states have you ever noticed hazy, discolored flooring near the main entrance of a home? Most likely they use IceMelt (calcium chloride) in front of that door in the winter. The stuff also bleaches fabrics as well as burn holes in them.

Seen worse in 6 years here in Maine.

Looks like regular wear and tear to me.

No worry.

Marcel:) :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I was thinking the same thing, just most driveways like this are 20 years+ and have enough large cracks and damage to put it at the end of lifespan or major repairs. This driveway was in good shape, except for what the pictures showed.

Again thanks for the input.

Looks like a normal midwest concrete driveway.

Looks like a brand new San Diego driveway.

Normal for it’s age.