What caused this?

This is a doorbell transformer that has soot on the wall above it. Any ideas?


Ghosting unless the transformer smoked from getting real buzzed at some time in the past

Tab, Any idea what is on the other side of that wall?

did the door bell work Tab…looks like it might be time for a new transformer…jim

Okay, Great replies! The master bath is on the other side of the wall. The doorbell works…

Those D_mn sales people keep bothering us.
Transformer fried? or overheated.

Barry, The transformer could have smoked and they did not clean the wall after replacement.

according to Barry it sounds like You need ghost busters…

who you gonna call!!

The reason I asked is at the top of the transformer cover plate, it almost looks like there is some dust. If the transformer was put in a wall that uses the void as ducting, there could be an air leak at the top of the cover plate and when the hvac unit is in use it could blow dust / impurities along the same pathway up the wall. How’s that for outside the box… The only reason I don’t think it would be ghosting is that normally occurs where a stud is located. In this instance the transformer would have been installed in a junction box in the middle of a stud? This is interesting.

maybe you missed this in the link

"A wall’s thermal characteristics, construction practices, and climatic conditions influence wall surface temperatures."

ghosting does not have to be throughout or outline studs. I’ve seen this isolated above the individual hollywood type make-up mirror bulbs and above lamps on ceilings I’ll look for pix later if proof is required

transformer is a continual heat source, heat rises, particles/soot/smoke adhere and telegraph the heat rise…has anyone ever tried to clean this?

for all I know it’s the dreaded toxic crap the media and lawyers smoke over…that’s the ticket it’s lawyer smoke…

anything according to me is ghosts and smoke :wink:

Hard to make a good, honest and correct call these days, Barry!!


My mother has had this for years. She burns a lot of candles and just the soot from the candles will do this.
Electric basebaord heaters are one of the worst culprits.

good information Barry…

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Rising warm air from the transformer causes a static charge on the wall which attracts dust/soot from the ambient air.

Jim king

Was being called in for ghosting on walls over electric baseboards in the early 1980’s. Was told by one POCO advisor that the worst was certain types of synthetic carpet fibers that burnt at low temperatures around the temps of the elements.