Realtor thought this may have been ghosting but I am inclined to believe there would have been evidence of ghosting elsewhere and more spread out. What else would causing this? Or can ghosting be localized?

Most likely house dust being distributed through the registers.

No filter at the return, holes in the duct somewhere…

Open the vent next time and you will see the duct is not tight around the perimeter.
air is coming from below.

(dirty basement or crawl ?)

carbon dust in the ducts coming out

Do you know what “ghosting” is?

What’s the difference?

What’s your point?

Not ghosting, dirt or carbon deposits .

Why isn’t it ghosting?

Thanks guys.

NO IR needed here.
I doubt condensation had much to do with it.(other than making it stick to the floor better)(the dirt/soot ,etc)

By the way my favorite thought on condensation is to explain how hot air holds more moisture because there is more space between atoms as heat expands things and when it comes in contact with cold the atoms tighten up not unlike a sponge being squeezed.
Sorry if this does not contain professor like mathematical calculations but it works for me ,my clients,and easy reading/comprehension of the report which is after all…what is all about.:slight_smile:

Ghosting is most common in walls with insulation issues and often involves visibility of studs.

David you can take it from here.

I know where Dave is going with this but I’ll let him rant about it and how much we suck.

Get off your soapbox!

Call it for what it is. If you know what it is…