What do developers think of Home Inspectors?

I punched in Chicago Home Inspection on You Tube and found this guy telling people they do not need one on new construction.

Feel free to comment. :slight_smile:

I feel like he is hiding something.:smiley:

Notice how he says they need to control the inspection.

Was my comment to strong?

They don’t want us to find the shabby work…

it didn’t appear to me that the man would be thrilled to welcome an inspector on one of His projects…He just seemed to be trying too hard to say it was fine…jmo…jim

Theythink they we are going to MESS things up. There are several home inspectorthat are less than stellar and will point out the very minor flaws just to justify the inspection cost. I can see where some builders would have a problem with that.

Now with that said, if I do go work, why would I care who came in and looked at it? I am so sick of hearing “It passed code”. I always tell them 'Congratulations on meeting the MINIMUM standards. Usually gets them a little hot under the collar. Let these idiots talk, usually in their love for hearing themselves talk, they will hang themselves.

As always, In my humble opinion.