I was quoted in this Chicago newspaper article about inspectors.


Just watched the TV report, on the local ABC affliate.

Pretty good.

They started interviewing me last year. Told them that the boom in construction was not matched by hireing more code inspectors. Obvious!

Also, they stated that local codes are just a minimum safety standard and not an indicator of quality or even the current national safety requirements.

Slammed municipal inspectors as missing stuff (DUH!) not having the time (double DUH!) and not being properly funded (DUHHHH!).

Will check and see if they have the video and post it here.

Only association quoted was NACHI (InterNACHI Seal).

Also told people to get phased inspections for new construction.

Great Job, Nick.

Here you go:


No video yet, but take it from me, it was great!

Good article, Nick. You are quickly becoming the media’s “go go” guy, and that is good for all of us.

I was just taped for another TV show where I said new homes don’t all come off one lone quality controlled assembly line, like new cars do. Each new home is different and government code officials are only quickly (as the news report points out) checking to see if they notice if anything that isn’t “up to code.” Even if your new home is “up to code” (which it probably isn’t)… being up to code is the bottom of the barrell, a bare minimum. It is so bad that if the builder did anything slightly less… it would be outright illegal.

Always hire an independent, new construction inspector who works for you. You can find a new construction inspector at www.OverSeeIt.com

Hey Guys , good work.
Watched it myself , and think I might go for one of the 35 new AHJ positions.
Nah , I would need to be 16 and related to a local pol, like one of their hires in the past.
Anyway here is another link to the full story.

Here’s the video link.


A pretty good story.