What do we have here?

Looks like a heating element to me. It’s all disconnected but it’s something we don’t run into everyday.

My first instinct is an old-school heat dissipator for a solar heating system. Does the house have solar?

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No and it has a slate roof.

Either to melt ice or Electrocute Rodents? :flushed:


These are the only two around the entire home so we don’t see these any where else?

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What’s below it?

There’s a window well. This equipment does not exist at any other window well.

Interesting. I do not know what it is. However, my wild guess would be a heating element, possibly for plantings they wanted protected from frost.

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Well, let’s look at it, there is a window well with a window well cover with some sort of electrical device under the above window, is it to melt ice? or is it to deter rodents? What else could it be?


That’s what I thought. In any case it’s disconnected and no where do we see this tech used anymore. Remove it and seal the opening! Thanks guys! Just when you think you saw everything…BOOOM! :rofl:

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If it’s disconnected and you’re curious, pull up the historic aerials of the property and see if there was ever a solar heating array on the grounds. They look like the old style heat dissipators, with the fins removed. They were useful in keeping a home’s thermal loop from getting too hot.