Is this some kind of heater in the attic?

It’s not like anything I’m familiar with, and if it turns on the house is liable to get hot really fast!

Probably some weird old antenna, check out that flat antenna wire going to it.

that would be my guess as well

We see them all the time here in California.
It’s a… Hmmm. Forgot.

It is an old UHF antenna. You remember, you turned the dial to UHF and then the 2nd dial for stations above 13. :shock:

Was that the second dial that required fine tuning… yep. I remember those and TV dinners.

Whats up with the bucket to the right int he picture?

Ive seen some contractors cut the bottom out of buckets and put them over recessed lighting fixtures to keep the insulation away.

My head hurts looking at that nail pattern.

It’s a water bucket in case there’s a fire.

Seriously, I did this house so long ago I don’t even remember doing it. I’m going through all my photos looking for defects or unusual conditions or components that inspectors might not recognize or might not know what to say about.

Feel free to send along photos of anything you think fits that description.

Kenton, that’s a pale of plastic cement.
You know they do not heat water.:wink:

But I bet that knee wall bracing, the mixed length & shape of roof deck shingle fasteners will get have the vendor making hot water after they receive the summary of the report.

As for the other object.

That I suspect is an antenna.
I do not think they provide any use today what do ever other than weight related, let alone providing hot water.:neutral:

Best regards.