What do you guys think?

Looks like about 3 months of social security checks huh! LOL


Looks crusty :slight_smile: Where did the panels go?

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Poor man’s boiler.


I saw water dripping on the floor so I took the jacketing off to see what is going on. Yup, leaking. Called my Heating guy and he will get me a new boiler. When the air hit it well, it stopped leaking, but that won’t last for long.
This is a Weil Mclain boiler 31 years it lasted. Had it cleaned every year.
Time for a new one before winter. Hope it last two weeks before I get another one.


Was it cold when it was leaking?

We all gotta go sometime, eh Marcel?

But, this vvvvv isn’t bad. Best of weather for you, my friend.

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Old Weil Mclain cast iron boiler is rusted out.
31 years is not excessively old Marcel.
Leaked many times.

Almost all ball valves are in the closed position. Was the boiler operating?

Weil Mclain are a good boiler manufacturer. Never ran into that model.

No, it wasn’t Simon. boiler temp set at 160 and 180. When they are cold or shut off they would leak at the gasket, but this was not the case. Cast iron can seal itself up temporarily, but not always the case.

That’s because of the domestic hot water storage tank conversion on the other side you can’t see.

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God luck with the boiler Marcel. Love radiator heat, not a dust transport like forced air. The workbench in the background looks more interesting though.


Thank you, Marcel.

Talked to my HVAC guy and he is planning on installing a Pensotti Boiler with triple pass burner.
Has a Reillo burner.
Any of you guys out there with experience with those?
I read that it is comparable to Buderus boilers. 88% effiency