Weil-McLain Boiler Age help requested

Series #1

Should I try to get big $$$ from the Antique shop?:mrgreen:

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

Cant help with that one Bob.

Here’s their contact info: http://www.weil-mclain.com/en/contact-us.aspx

Whats a boiler???:mrgreen::mrgreen:

The ‘original’ “intended purpose” for your “still”. :wink:

Wow, series # 1…cool

They only list the year on these. Second and third number of the serial number

Should be another plate on the side of the boiler with the serial #

Only plate info I have but anyone care to guess?

Not always. I had a Series #3 a few months ago. No plates or marks where one may have been anywhere else (full access 3ft around). Never did arrive at an answer to that one. If I remember right, it was reference dated late 1930’s. (Didn’t have the Weil-McLain contact info back then).

I’m going to say 1932.

Hmmm sounds crazy but the home is a 1925 brick bungalow.
may be time to replace.:slight_smile:

Just i thought Bob it looks more like late 50’s early 60’s just from the style.
Any serial numbers on the burner?

Have another coffee and read #8.

I’d give Weil-McLain a buzz, and see if they can help

Pre-60’s. I’m gonna say 1955. BTW- The CP numbers started in '77.

I see someone piss in your corn flakes BTW i said burner not the unit, That’s the part where the flame is lololol Just teasing

I have a Weil-Mclain Co. water heater for my radiant heat. the water pressure stays at 0 and is not heating the floors. any ideas on whats wrong? it is Series #2 model G-8.

Thank You

Circulator pump not working?

Either that or no water, blockage,etc.Could be a lot of things but why not just call the HVAC guy?

Honestly would not try to fix it unless my neighbor with trade skills came over to lend a hand.
Forum advice does not always translate to skills.

Good advice :slight_smile: