what do you guys think

Made these today

there is one more but it wont fit

I would take the D off of Welcomed on the front cover.
I think it really kind of stands out and pulls attention to that word.

Aside from that I think they look nice.

Are you a sole propietor, LLC, or other entity?

The reason that I ask is are you trying to promote yourself as a home inspector, or a company that has qualified home inspectors.

I formed an LLC so I always try to word everything as a company not an individual.
Our inspectors have completed the …
Your inspector is qualified in …

Im a sole propietor i hate to share i also run a Drywall business

Looks Good… My suggestion (for what it is worth) get your ideas down to what will look good on a two-sided rack card, that is about all the attention you will ever get from a homebuyer. :smiley:

I like it. You have mail btw.

The top one gave me the impression your a part time inspector. Availability, in my opinion, should not be your primary focus when advertising.