What do you inspect for HVAC

I’m curious to know what you guys include in your inspection for forced air furnaces in a residential inspection? This is one area that I still want more knowledge of but I don’t want to go over the top at this point.

4.Build Date
5.Type of Fan belt or Direct Drive
6.Filter Dirty or Clean
7.Visual Rust in or around Heat Exchanger
8.Vent Pipe size and clearences
9.Vent Pipe Connections
10.CO at the register
11.Gas Leaks
12.Heat ducts in every room and they are working.
13.Power Switch
14.The drain and venting system on high efficiecy furnaces
15.I snap a picture of the flames and check the flame color.
16.Watch for flame rollout when the unit fires.
17.Verify its not on a recall list. for example a Lennox pulse

this may help

Thanks a lot guys. I was getting most of this already so I feel a little better. What ‘sniffer’ do you guys use for CO?

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