What do you recommend?

Hi guys,

It looks like I may be needing a new propane furnace. I have an 80 percent 20 year old Rheem now…a horizontal installation.

I’ve always enjoyed and had good luck with Rheem but I’m wondering what other’s thoughts are.

I need to stack some firewood so I’ll check back later.

Thanks for your help.


I’m an NG man so my opinion doesn’t count.

Don’t forget you get a bump from the gov if you do this before year’s end and there may also be state perks.


I guess we’ll be safe and green after this date.

I do not like the heat you get from fire wood .
The heat that drips of the end of you nose when you split it and stack it.

… Cookie

I’m not sure I understand…

Thanks for this. I wasn’t aware.

NG Natural Gas

haven’t used LP since I lived in a travel trailer, going on 5 years now, and never had a home unit that ran on LP.

Makes no difference wether it is LP or NG just different Jets and orifices both built the same. My preference was always controlled by my wallet you can drive a Chevy or a Caddy With the price of NG and LP both you might consider high efficiency as the best option. All of the major brands are good you get what You pay for. Some times???

Thanks, I’ll probably stay with an 80 Rheem considering it is only used as a back up and when I’m (a week here or there) gone, and that the 90+ units are more $, and that I’d have to find a location for and run the new PVC exhaust, and buy and install a condensate pump, and the tax credit is only $150. I just can’t see the payoff.

Help me out if I’m missing something.

Larry, if it worked fine for twenty years I would do the same thing. ha. ha.

Just so you know One cubic foot of Natural Gas is = 1,034 BTU

                     One cubic foot of LPG is =           2,500 BTU

Depending on the price, you might not have made that bad of a choice.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thanks, Marcel and there is no natural gas availably out where I live.


I’m maybe a little different in my thinking than others (right or wrong). I don’t think you want to forget the day to day operating cost, and/or advantages of the higher level technology, when looking at purchasing a new HVAC system. The probability is that the fuel you are limited to using has, and will probably continue to be very price sensitive.
I’d go for top line technology upfront, and know I will likely be paying the least amount of $$ out to keep comfortable for a longf time.

Good point Greg, and that makes me think,

Larry, considering the gal. per gal. required for heating a home and the BTU uput required; how would this figure out to be $ wise in your area?

One Gallon of propane = 91,600 BTU

One gallon #2 fuel oil = 139,000 BTU

Marcel :slight_smile:

Thanks for the thought Greg. The difference is about 15% efficiency. So far I’m finding the 90+ are about $1,000, or more, more expensive. It’s something to think and calculate more on.

Oil burns way hotter and would need a new class A chimney. I already have the class B for the gas installed. Plus I really don’t care that much for dealing with oil now that I don’t have my diesel truck any more…not that I ever used my heating fuel oil in my truck…:cool: …that would be against the law but cheaper to run the truck without the road tax added in.

Understandable Larry, but what is the cost of Propane vs. Oil in your area.

Just curious as to the cost differential vs. effiency.
This might help others in different parts of the Country.


Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

I think oil is about $2.40/gal and propane about $1.80/gal now.