What do you think?

Between 6-8 inches has fallen off the corner of this stone foundation wall. I recommended that it be futher evaluated by a S.E… The buyer had another inspector go through this home before myself and he had said and even wrote in his report that “there is no problems present with the foundation wall”. So question is what do you think?



I wouldn’t recommend an engineer from what I can see.

Looks like the parge just fell away.

Typical 100± rubble stone foundation .No big deal.
Roy Cooke sr.

That gap simply needs to be filled. Then a nice parge coating of mortar to upgrade those loose areas.

Structural Engineer is not required.

Typical stone rubble construction. Even if there is minor interior deterioration stone rubble walls are usually quite thick so this is not a concern. Even if you recommend further evaluation I am not sure there would be to many PE’s around with this type of construction knowledge.

Would I recommend further investigation? No.

Believe it or not, my old man’s house built in the 1930’s was on a similar foundation and still the way it was back then. These stone foundations varied to like 3 feet at the bottom and tapered up to 12" at the top.
Very stable.

Water impermeable, well not quite, but adequate for those times, when exterior grade was done right. It was not that bad.

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Just about every second house around here has a stone rubble foundation. They are usually very stable and leak water like a sieve. We often see pieces falling of them and it is not generally a big issue. Repair is easy and never permanent. The concrete used originally was usually inferior to what is available today and the homeowner just has to live with it. I always recommend to clients that if they are considering finishing the basement maybe this is not the house for you.

nice wire nut connection in the top right corner

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