What electrical concerns/defects do you see?

What electrical concerns/defects do you see?


#24 - you’ve got aluminum branch wiring with an insulation jacket cut back to far.

#28 you’ve got issues with taped wiring and one branch wire hanging around in picture #1 but it was removed in picture #3.

Why the green and black tape?

And I also notice some exposed panel hardware not fully secured and one is utilizing a knockout.

There is a Siemens breaker when the label says use GE breakers only.
Bonding screw loose.
Drywall screw and loose nail used to attach panel board.

On pic 1, looks like there are AL and CU conductors secured together under the same terminal screw. ?


Linda, I believe the CU conductor is just flapping in the breeze. :frowning:

or like David said:

Well, I am not afraid to admit it, I failed the test royally.

Confused though, I took the time to down load the panel cover and panel as directed and take notes.
Of all the notes I took only a few showed up in the test.
There was four missing screws in the cover that I examined, but one screw was not the right one in the test. What’ up?

I am not an electrician, but with half of the defects that I found under a magnification of 800, I would strongly recommend an Electrical Contractor to evaluate and repair the deficient panel.

I know this is a learning tool, but I have a hard time with terminology words, but not with what I see. If that makes any sense.

The grounding rod was not visible to the downloaded sheet to take notes either.
I am not complaining, I will take this test again, but I was not prepared for a detour in the take notes area to examine the defects on the test forwarded to me at the time.

Good work Ben on putting this together, but unless you are an electrician, I doubt if anybody will spend this much time in inspecting an electrical panel.
I know enough to be dangerous and before it gets too dangerous, I call a licensed electrician into the equation for the inspection at hand.

Thanks for the learning tool, but this one is above my capacities.:):smiley:


No worries…I have not actually taken it myself because of the time it takes and my pressing issues right now. Even in the video we did I did not go overly technical and I might not have called every single potential thing out because some are not really something I would expect HI’s to go into…so it was done on MY purpose.
I promise Ben I will do the online learning tool once I have the time to devote to it, like right now I am typing this but also on a split screen uploading attendee’s from my recent seminar to the CEU database for the state…and i have alot more to do.

Don’t get discouraged my friend…it’s not always about the score but what you may take away from the experience.

Thanks for sharing your time Paul and I am all eyes and ears to learn as much from you as possible.
Come to electrical, I can use all the help I can get. :):wink:


Well I am here for you fella…use me any way you wish and my phone is always open to you.

Thanks, you are the first one on my list for help when needed. ;):):smiley:

There are at least 4 concerns/defects in this picture?
What are they?

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:)All right Ben, I’ll try my luck again.

Ground wire touching the live lug.

Scuffed damaged wire.

Undersize wire for the 30 amp breaker.
Ok, what is the fourth?

White wire not identified as being “hot.” Should have identification like a piece of black electrical tape.
There’s actually a fifth concern/defect, but other photos in the game would give you a better picture of it.

What concerns/defects do you observe in this picture?
I see two.

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It looks like the SEC has been trimmed as well. . .

Missing bushings, but I don’t call out the “excessive” sheathing. . .