What exactly do you use the "Attachments" function for in a report template?

I understand what an attachment is. I’m asking what exactly does one include as an attachment in your default report templates?

I’m thinking to myself “what could I possibly want to attach to every report?”

My first guess is supporting documents such as the SOPs or other informational PDF’s such as fire safety tips from a recognized safety organization. But I include documents such as that as hyperlinks within my report. I imagine just tacking them to the end of the report might feel a little clunky.

Are there any other benefits or reasons why inspectors attach a document that I’m not aware of?

Possibly the results of a sewer scope, mold assessment or radon test etc?


yea but even then, it appears that the +attachment button is to attach a pre-prepared, finished document to every report.

I don’t offer any of those services you listed, but I do sometimes include a separate WDI report for my clients. Spectora allows me to build a separate WDI template that then populates the Texas WDI promulgated form, and both finished reports get delivered. so it doesn’t appear that that is what the attachment function is for.

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I doubt that.

Are you even a home inspector? You don’t even know how to do the paperwork.

So, based on your reasoning…this attachment button is for a necessary document to be attached to every report though you have no idea what this document could be?

And, the button could not possibly be for ancillary services because you do not offer those and when you do you send a separate report?

Got it. I am now also intrigued about the compulsory magic button. Does TREC require a specific document be “attached” to every inspection report, since all other options have been exhausted?

correct. It definitely is to add a document to every report (the snip I included is in the template editor, not a singular report.) And yes, I’m curious about what other inspectors choose to attach in that way.

No, you misunderstand. Not because I don’t offer those services, that would be quite silly reasoning. I’m saying that Spectora has a more streamlined way of preparing & attaching ancillary reports - you create a separate template for that sort of report and then add that report to a scheduled appointment. So that suggestion doesn’t make sense to me. Also, it doesn’t appear that you can edit the attachment after attaching it, so why would you attach a blank report form to the template?

Not that I’m aware of. they just require I fill out the rei 7-6, which spectora does for me.

Maybe some inspectors who use this function in Spectora have some input.

maybe for more obscure report forms that spectora doesn’t support in their template functionality?

that’s probably it. i forget that some states arent as regulated as texas and some report forms are DIY’ed, right?

although I’m still confused as to why you’d attach it to the template.

Exactly. Such as radon test results which are typically generated by the radon device software. There are unlimited potential uses for an attachment button.

For example, almost all commercial inspections have some attachment or documents added.

I am leaning towards a “creative” button vs a “compulsory” button. We’ll see.

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Spectora is great for me so far. Still modifying templates but itll be work in progress for a while im sure. I havent had to use the attachment option yet…maybe youll never need it who knows. and dont let these guys with attitudes in this thread keep you from coming here for help…that’s disappointing to see that.


What exactly did Spectora say when you contacted THEM with your questions?


Hi Michael,
Short Answer:
I use it to attach a PDF on pool safety when a pool is present on the inspected property. And B-T-W, Spectora does it automatically.
Here in Arizona, the Board of Trade Registration (Az-BTR) dictates the inspection standards we use. But there are ARS’s - Az Revised Statutes - that dictate some aspects of an inspection. For instance: If a swimming pool is present we MUST inspect some items of pool safety, even if the client declines inspection of the pool or has a pool company do it. Since certain aspects of requirements for pool barriers depend on the age of the occupants of the home… I just give the buyer the rules as produced by AZ.
That help?

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I can’t think of anything I would want to attach to every report that I use my template for. But somewhere along the line someone requested it and Spectora obliged.

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I attach permit records. I use build fax, and attach the pdf copy.

Sometimes I also attach the termite inspection report if I scheduled it for them.

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Those are all things you would attach to a specific report or inspection. The OP is viewing the attachment button in the template editor. So any attachments you put here would be in all reports that use the template (and would not be editable on a case by case basis).

ahh, my mistake.
I have no idea what would be attached to every report either…


I think that button is to attach a copy of your internachi membership, so every client knows you are a member in good standing. :rofl:


Still waiting for their answer!

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I just wanted to know what inspectors use it for, so I came to an inspection forum to ask inspectors. I got my answer. :man_shrugging: