What happened to VP Keith Swift?

I was just looking around and noticed that Kieth seems to be missing from the conversations. I spose he might have went MO, but just in case, I thought I would ask; did he leave?, was he demoted, is he still a member, or did the ruling party of nitwits squeeze him out?

Just checking, no harm no foul.

RR are you still here?:frowning:

Believe it or not, both are still hanging around . . . somewhere . . . I’m sure they’ll be along sometime soon.

The word is they’re hanging out with Windy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, Todd!

Keith left as Vice-President in order to work on other projects. He, Nick, and I drove over to Ventura a couple of weeks ago to do some presentations for the new Ventura NACHI chapter.

Keith and I, and a few others, are working on some specific stuff relevant to California inspectors and this litigious State that we have to put up with.

Mr/Ms Jade said “Hello!”


It would be a sad day for NACHI if we loose Kieth.

He did step down Mario.


He did, but Nick gave him another position. I don’t remember off hand the position but he is with NACHI.


NACHI is now the inspection industry’s largest publisher of written material.

In our continued effort to get the right people into the right places at NACHI, we are very pleased to announce that Dr. Keith Swift has accepted the position of NACHI’s Editor-in-Chief.

Keith has a long history of working to advance NACHI’s causes and to help NACHI members, especially in the area of the written word, which is so critical to inspectors.

Please join me in warmly welcoming Keith to his new position at NACHI.

He edited his way to “Executive Director” of CalNACHI, Roy.

Yes we in Canada regularly have cabinet shuffles too .
Same leader
same team different positions… Cookie

Right, I didn’t know if you were aware of that.


I was and thanks for pointing it out. I consider Kieth to be a friend of mine and I might add that he is a very intelligent man and an asset to NACHI.

i agree

Hmmm, so, I guess he is still here, but is no longer VP?

Why? Was this due to his advice on the COE or SOP??

I think it was due to his low tolerance for Bulbous Shoestrings.

I spose it does not matter as Keith has not responded.

I will say that whatever happened to run him off, the folks responsible are fools…Should I make that bold type?

Farking idiots…


I think it was due to his low tolerance for Bulbous Shoestrings

If you were treated the way Ken was by one individual, you’d leave too.


Opinions where expressed and Keith chose to not defend his position with fortitude.

It happens. A lot.