What happens when the bucket fills up?

New construction. Water heater in a sealed compartment beneath the stairs, interior of the home.

Always unscrew those water heater panels!

P.S. Where’s the drip pan?

Nice Joe.

That is for the water fall , I am surprised you fellows are always ready to write every little thing up lolol.

Come on, the bucket is the pan!

Re: What happens when the bucket fills up?

Stock it and go fishing.

Was this in a basement?

As for this…
What happens when the bucket fills up?

Nick Gromicko, Rob London and Kenton Shepard



As for this…
What happens when the bucket fills up?

Splish Splash, I am having a Bath…:mrgreen::wink:

…and it isn’t even Saturday night…:D:D:D

Come on, everybody…let’s all sing along…

follow the bouncing ball…

Splish splish, I was takin’ a bath
Long about a Saturday night
A rub-a-dub, just relaxin’ in the tub
Thinkin’ everything was alright
Well, I stepped out the tub, put my feet on the floor
I wrapped the towel around me and I
Opened the door, and then I
Splish, splash… I jumped back in the bath.
Well how was I to know there was a party going on?

They was a-splishin’ and a’splashin’
Reelin’ with the feelin’, movin’ and a’groovin’
Rockin’ and a’rollin’, yeah

with thanks to Bobby Darin

Well, since it was only a bucket Jae, maybe this one is more in line;

Didn’t mean to hi-jack the thread here Joe. :wink:

I see more issues other than that funny bucket, did you note other things?

Was that level in an occupied level or a basement, garage, etc.?:slight_smile: