What Is A Thermographer?

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I guess thats why iNACHI continues to Grow as the education available here for free or at a very reasonable cost is Boundless.
John of Course many know is our Great leader of the very successful CMI and is also a leading figure in the Home Inspection industry in fast growing section of Home Inspection ( infrared ) and the training of Home Inspectors .
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When using the IR camera for doing home inspections, it really is an easy tool to learn about. The applications for it in other fields is where it gets much deeper. The best teacher, after your initial training, is actual field experience. A thermographer is just a play on the word photographer, just a different camera. One of the most simple uses of a IR camera is for inspecting a house. It’s the building science that makes it hard to understand the thermal images, not the actual use of the camera. A Level III thermographer that does have a background in construction and building science cannot use the camera to inspect a house. Ask them. Becoming a home inspection thermographer takes a long time, not because of the camera use, but because of the the knowledge of building science and understanding the skills of defect detection. If you are already an experienced inspector, then using the IR camera properly will not take long at.