What is it? (roof penetration)

the plastic bubble didnt have any holes for venting (none under hood either). it was on a 2001 mobile home. there were 2 of them. It wasnt a skylight inside either.



What did you see when you looked down in it?

Looks like a skylight tube.

Looks like a solo tube from here.

Nothing but the inside of the metal curving inward as it goes down. I think the other guys are right in that its a skylight tube. The light bounces off the curves to illuminate dark rooms. I just havent seen one like this before.

Capped Abandoned solid fuel burning appliance metal chimney.

Judging from the diameter I would say it is a sky tube. Appears to big for appliance vent.

Looks like a light tube to me.



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A home made version, needs to be posted on ‘there I fixed it’ or some other red neck site. The pipe in the OP pic is clearly ordinary single wall round pipe, you can see the crimped small end through the plastic bubble.

Let’s look closer, and diset the parts of both components, abandoned capped metal chimney and Metal Tube Skylight, shale we, Jeffrey?
Here is the current image.
metal chiney flange JPG.JPG
Look closer at what I suspect is a “single wall sheet metal solid fuel chimney vent”
single wall sheet metal chiney flange JPG.JPG
Look at a double wall metal skylight tube.

I do not think the images are manufactured to the same specs and compliance.

Anyway. That’s my take on the single wall galvanized sheet metal chimney vent.
If it was modified I would report any suspect modifications on the single wall galvanized sheet metal chimney vent. “A hog in a silk waistcoat is still a hog.”

Looks like a redneck solar tube.