Any idea what these items are?

Hello all! So I’m doing an inspection and I came across these two items that I can’t figure out.

First item: A hole in the ceiling in a bedroom that terminates on the roof from a pvc pipe. It doesn’t appear to have a function but Im not sure.

Second items: Appears to be a vent or exhaust fan in a bedroom that has a bathroom next to it. I’m not sure if this is related but this house also

comes equipped with a humidifier.

Any help is appreciated. Excuse my ignorance. :tired_face:

The first one could be a light tube to bring in outdoor light to a dark room.

Hmm, I’m not sure. It doesn’t really provide much light. You can see light when you’re directly under it.

Does the structure have NG?

That’s what I was thinking but I thought this photo went with it:

Yes. Natural gas.

Larry you’re right the photo of the roof stack does go with it. That’s where it terminates

Possibly a Combustion air vent.

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But it’s in a room that’s in the corner of the house that isn’t near any gas appliances

I thought the vent stack went with the second picture and the two wider roof projections on the higher roof were the possible light tubes. Hard to tell.

I agree with Dave on the light tube, they aren’t meant to be bright, but will allow enough light to see with the lights off, even at night if the moon is shining.

The second item looks like a HE gas furnace vent or a WH power vent termination.
I’ve never seen a bathroom vent terminated through PVC like that, although it’s a possibility. If it is a NG appliance vent, it appears to have inadequate clearance from the roof surface, clearance would be needed in the event of deep snow, the appliance will sense that the vent is blocked and will not turn on. I tried to click on your website but got an error message, so I’m not sure what climate zone you’re in.

With a termination like this?:

Not that one Larry, my WAG on that is a NG furnace or WH vent.

The cropped pic below is what the top of a light tube looks like (the first item the OP listed above), it has a round transparent dome to capture then magnify light.


The OP said that was the termination for this:

I’m not sure how the photos uploaded. The pipe that looks like it’s for a high-efficiency furnace was the same pipe that you guys are saying is a light tube. Where the pipe is installed is in the corner of the house in a room with a mini split unit. we are in zone8

By the way, I love these (I’ve put them in 2 of my last houses.):

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My Bad, I didn’t mean to imply that the PVC pipe was for a light tube. The top of the light tube will look like a dome, as seen in the distance in your picture of the roof.

IMO the first picture in the OP is a light tube, that’s why there is light shining through it, that, and I see what appears to be light domes on the roof.

My WAG is the picture of the PVC pipe is a furnace or WH vent, or as Dave F mentioned, it’s for combustion air, or maybe it’s a plumbing vent. :man_shrugging:

I haven’t seen many, but the ones I have seen worked well. :+1:

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Those pics look like a flipper got to it.
How was the home originally configured?