What is The Average Income of a Home Inspector?

The answer is here.

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The article implies to the unsuspecting reader that we NET 100% of our GROSS. The writer doesn’t have a clue about business costs and operational fees.

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Though what they call Super Inspector fees is average around here.


There are estimated to be 16,000 home inspectors in the United States, roughly one for every 19,000 people. The cost of an average home inspection tends to be $225-$300 depending on your location. The price for a 20 year old 2,000 foot home inspection in San Francisco will be much higher than one in Guntersville, AL. One trend that will usually hold true is the cost will usually run about .2% of the selling price of the home: $150K home - $300, $500K home - $1,000. The industry average in 2007 was 171 inspections per year - so to answer your question. The average income of a standard “legacy” traditional visual home inspector is $45,000.

Hmmmmmmm, so why will you use set pricing again? Oh that’s right, you feel that is discriminating.:mrgreen::mrgreen::slight_smile:

Well, if $45K per year is enough for you, by all means, continue to base your fees on the sales price. . .


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“The industry average in 2007”

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Inspectors could get their incomes up by taking the diligence with which they stick to their system of inspecting homes (starting on the outside first, then… etc.)… and applying that diligence to their marketing system (stop in and speak with at least x agents every week, mailing letters to sellers on Wednesday, etc.).

Have you established your marketing system?

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I will stick with talking to agents.