What is this framing member called?

What are these called? Almost joists but not resting on top plates. The three in the center that are not bearing down on anything.

Don’t think they were intended to bear down on anything. They are merely non structural framing (dead wood) that appears to have been used to create the dead space required to accommodate the ceiling duct work from the HVAC system. It could also be a coffered ceiling going in (built down) as nailers for Sheetrock…


That roof framing based on that one photo does not look right to me. I would have to see more to be sure. The diagonal legs down to the stud wall doesn’t concern me, but all that other blocking, splicing, etc. in that rafter tail area does.

Wish I had taken another closer pic. Lesson learned. Can never take too many pics. Yes, the rafter tail does not bear down properly. The 2x4’s simply extend into the valley but are not resting on anything. There was not much load onto these members so I believe the deadwood answer is accurate and the coffered ceiling is as well since this is a game room. The buyer was a pretty knowledgeable structural engineer and he did not seem too concerned about it however I felt it should be documented to see what the builder’s reaction would be.


Deadwood is fairly good description, but is construction slang (blocking or non-structural framing for drywall attachment). They are added to create a plane for ceiling drywall if the structural framing does not accomplish this fully.

The framing members for the coffered ceiling appear to be over spanned on the left side of the picture…?


38 years (Wow). I have a little over 16 years in renovating & various building construction services, in both residential and commercial. You have almost twice the experience that I have. You have my respect. My hat is off to you.

Looks like furring, drywall backing, for the eventual concealment of the ducts. Only needs to be able to hold up the drywall.

Thanks for the kind words. I would have a lot less aches and pains if I had quit after 16 years.:smile: