What is this on wall button?

Does anyone know what this type of button is commonly used for?

I am guessing intercom.


Thanks. Didn’t want to press the panic button.

Cologne, you bend down, press the button and get a blast of Old Spice after shave:mrgreen:

That’s nifty right there. I haven’t seen an old school intercom like that in a while.

“Bend down”… or… “bend over”? :ack:

It’s to operate that trap door you’re standing on!

Pool alarm

Folding bed comes out of wall? LOL, its an intercom.

If there was a pool and it was near a door…


Reset button for a pool door alarm. Let’s the occupant know door has been open, especially if there is no pool fence. they are set high so a child can’t press the reset button.