What is this stuff in the attic??

Inspected this attic yesterday. Could figure what the stuff was. Wasn’t blood thankfully. My concern was it may be flammable - no odor at all. Possibly material used during a re-roof. Noted it as - (MR) There was a substance in the attic space that could not be identified. The dried dark liquid material was splattered against some of the wood trusses, insulation, and HVAC ductwork. Recommend monitoring this item for possible remedial action.

Any thoughts

Not sure what the bold highlighted sentence this means. You could include testing the material is not part of a standard inspection and if the buyer is concerned about it they can have it tested by a lab.

Are you sure no dead bodies were under the insulation?

Thanks David. And I didn’t check under the insulation! Wonder if any member here has actually run into that one.

Looks like spilled stain or creosote

good grief - it looks like they stored something there and it exploded…!

Did you notice any unusual creaking noises as it may be plasma

Thanks for mentioning Plasma Bob. I’m going to pass on the re-inspection now:shock:

Needed to use a emf meter i think

Judging from the pattern similarities, I’d say it was something spilled on the trusses while they were still stacked in bundles and laying on the ground.

How does that explain the old curtain rod being soaked also.?

…or the floor. I’d say… that my theory is blown right out of the water.

OK how about this. The guy like to practice fire eating but his wife didn’t like the smell, so she made him go up in the attic to practice. He ran out of alcohol or whatever it is fire eaters eat, so he used some old paint that was lying around. It was oil-based, so he thinned it out a bit and improved it’s flammability with some mineral spirits. It failed to ignite and all he did was spit paint onto the trusses. He was poisoned by the mixture, his wife sold the home after he passed away and the buyers hired you to inspect it.

That solves your curtain rod problem. Please let me know if you need any other inspection problems solved.

That makes sense because he became a Ghost and that is Plasma.

Bob’s lying! Don’t believe him anyone! Bob! Shame on you!

OK ,I admit it, because I did not wish my Android robot to get in trouble for dripping oil.