What is this? Insect parts?

I am unsure what this is. It wasn’t sawdust. It looked like it could be insect parts. I’ve never seen it before? Not sure if you can tell from the pictures. It was located in the attic on a plank used for walking in the attic. Any help would be appreciated. I did not find any evidence of damaged wood.

The photos are very blurry, was the area of the photos under the attic light? Reminds me of a May Fly hatch at Lake Erie.

ya the photos didn’t come out great. It looks like possibly insects, but I didn’t identify and specific kind. There was no attic light but there was a box vent so the light might have shown down the middle of the attic.

how about this image

How about this image

Matthew, is it possible you are just looking at material blowing in through the ridge vent or other roof vents? Looks like bits and pieces of leaves and pine needles etc. From my arm chair I do not see anything insect related.

Same as Mark .

It could be. I was not sure as to what I was looking at I did not see pine needles. I did see a few whole bugs. June bugs etc. Some smaller, light bits of material I did not recognize. There was a box vent that was in line with the material. but was up to 20 feet from the far side of the material. and there was a ridge vent. I just didn’t want to overlook something if something was there.

Looks like a bunch of “debris” including some insect parts.
But your last pic has a bug in it.
It’s an Old House Borer (Cerambycidae).
I’ll betcha the house is around 20 years old or more.
The adults usually emerge in July & August.
<MG>> State Lic Termite Operator #2446 :slight_smile:

Except for one pic, it appears to be mostly bits and pieces of plant material such as leaves etc.

what did it taste like ?