What is this?

Anyone seen this before? it was up high in the hallway of a condo. Thank you.


That’s an annunciator for an alarm system. Probably a central fire alarm for the entire building.

Yes, it tones down the wild screaming of the fleeing residents so the Fire Department personnel can understand them, thus an “annunciator”. :>)

Mark - In Virginia devices similar to that one are required to give the condo management the ability to warn residents - here they can make sounds, like fire alarms, and in some buildings even the ability to speak to the residents to warn about things like tornados, illegal entrants, etc. Hope I’m right in your case!

Here is one from a condo inspection I did on Thursday.


You will find them in a lot of condo inspections.


Thanks everyone, you learn something new everyday :slight_smile:

A client asked me about this a few days ago on a condo inspection,… explaining what it was for (security alerts etc.) like Jay mentioned above,… the client paused and said,… “I wonder if it can ‘hear’ too?”

It was located in the master bedroom,… :mrgreen:

Just tell him. “It doesn’t hear very well, but it’s night vision is excellent!” :mrgreen:

Hahaha…that would be funny to see their face when they hear that one!

Yo, Pete and Mark - I would have never gone there but maybe Big Brother really is watching…!!

I laughed so hard I think I woke up the family …

They make flush mount security alarm sirens like that as well.

Is just an alarm system, but you will have to see if is still working. I hate those personally! I always forget to turn them off and I finish waking up everyone on the street everytime I came house after 12 o’clock, my neighboor is so used to it by now that he just keep sleeping, her wife, well she’s not so comprehensive.

In locations where the property is served by an elevated septic system, there is typically an alarm to advise the home owner if the sewer pump fails or loses power.