What is This ?

Property is 36 years old

A vent pipe

I agree. But I’m not sure what for. Normally I would guess that it was for a gas line, but those are normally black pipe, and not galvanized. I suppose it could be for a drain line, but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen galvanized drain lines either.

Oil tank vent.

More Info…Current owner has been in home for 19 years and says the furnace has been natural gas from then on. No signs of an oil furnace in the basement, as in copper supply lines. Lots of snow on the ground so unable to locate a fill pipe for an undrground tank. I think it may be an abandoned underground oil tank, but do not want to scare everyone without more info.

Did that pipe come from through the wall or foundation. May have been an oil tank in the basement at one time. could have since been removed but left the vent pipe hanging in the wall cavity so they didn’t have to fill the hole. Or like was said earlier, could be buried.

The pipe does not come into the foundation or wall, also when the home was built natural gas was NOT available in the area at the time and to confuse the issue even more the home was built with a 200 amp service (only 2400 sq. ft. home) that suggests it may have had forced air electric furnace.

Around here there are alot of galvanized drain pipes. But it looks more like a oil tank vent line.:shock: Does anyone know the age of the house.

Stewart claims 1973/1974 ish.

Here’s a decent read…


*…Vent pipes are commonly present and visible even if the fill pipes have been removed.These pipes are made of 1 to 2 inch galvanized steel pipe that has a mushroom shaped cap covering the “open” end (top) of the pipe. (Occasionally, the pipe may simply have series of galvanized steel elbows that turn the pipe opening downward.) *


      Thanks Rick for the link. Its really helpful to know about the vent pipe. I think he got his answer here.


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