Is this pipe leading to buried oil tank?

I was wondering if anyone knows what a pipe like this coming into a basement wall in Hamilton ON could be.

It’s about 1.5 " in diameter. It is about 30 inches below ground level. Sorry it’s not a great photo. My fear is, it could be a buried oil tank? If it is, the tank must be on it’s side because of the depth. It is near the front of the house. There are no pipes coming out of the ground outside the wall. There is a paved walkway covering the area where the tank would be if it is there. I’ll probably bring in a metal detector or radar system but if anyone has any thoughts what it is other than a buried tank I would be interested to hear the theories. I’ll also see if there are any tank removal companies that can safely remove the cap and check inside. Thanks for any thoughts.

It could be a vent pipe for a old oil tank . is this in the Basement?

There is another possibility that needs to be considered. Here in NH I sometimes find old abandoned natural gas lines. The local utility has moved the gas meters to the exterior of the home from the basement and they leave the old line passing through the wall. Is natural gas available at the location? Also the possibility of a drain line going to some type of dry well. Hard to say without seeing it in person. As to the underground tank…I usually only find dual copper supply and return lines from the old underground oil tanks…the fill and vents pipes were usually found at the exterior. Any answer may fit and you should continue to due your due diligence. Be careful opening that cap without knowing what is on the other side.

Let me go get my x-ray glasses.
Can you back up a little and take that picture again?

I doubt a 1.5 inch Gas line . but it could be i guess.

And outside the wall too.
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Old Steam Heat supply piping?
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