What is this??

Hello all,

I started excavating my backyard, removing the exisiting patio slab and found this under the cantilever. Can anyone tell me what the purpose of this is?? It does not make contact with the underside of the cantilever.

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Change of heart from the builder. Decided it was not needed. :wink:

Is this a framed floor on that little foundation stem wall?

Support for adding stairs to the structure? Not allowed here in WI.
Vermint guard seeking to nest behind slab?
two cents…

Thanks for the responses.

Marcel, yes it is a framed floor over the stem wall but it does not make contact with it.

William, I had 3 dead mice in that area. So much for a guard against such critters.

I pulled the Plot Plan for my house from the city and it looks as though the plans were changed to include the part of the house that extends over the foundation. I would surmise that on the original plan, the concrete coming from the foundation that I was asking about, was probably put there to support a step from the house onto the patio.

Oh, and by the way. The Plot Plan also showed my house was supposed to have a large covered patio back there. Another builder change… Wonder if the original owner knew of that change?