What is this?

What is the copper wire for at this evaporator coil? It was all wrapped up with tape.

I think it might be a refrigerant return line. Should be warm to the touch. I could be wrong on this but believe I am right. I’ll be looking for someone else to reply to either back me up or educate me as well.

Is it as wire or a capillary tube for a control thermostat??
Expansion Valve.jpg

A thermostatic expansion valve ( TXV) is precision device used to meter the flow of liquid refrigerant entering the evaporator at a rate that matches the amount of refrigerant being boiled off in the evaporator, This is it’s main purpose but like all the other metering devices it also provides a pressure drop in the system, separating the high pressure side of the system from the low pressure side. thus allowing low pressure refrigerant to absorb heat onto it’s self.

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Thanks for the replies. Micheal I believe you are right. First time to see one of these. :smiley: Good link. Thanks.

It looks like there might be a mold problem threr also

Michael Is Right. For may years, these were installed inside the cased coil. Carrier, Lennox and a few others are now putting them outside.

Mold problem? What is the problem? That is mildew from being wet and cold all the time.