What is this?

And Charley to be clear with you we do have many irrigation systems here but all the equipment is inside the house well protected from freezing. I have only seen 2 like that picture outside.

I am just amazed…two of the smartest guys in this message board I have seen, Charley and Jeff. Both with the same view and opinion on KW and then he tries to “Out think” them. Sometimes the smartest thing you can do is admit someone else knows more…anything else just makes you look dumber.

I just know I have Jeff on my cell phone…he is like my “ask jeeves” for my electrical questions…That guy knows electrical…

O, yea…he is super awesome at giving a prompt answer too…I owe him big time…

Jeff when you coming down to FLA?..I got a spare room and spare cars…its all yours.

I think you need to understand this Russell. I am a Canadian and you are an American. Our views should not be the same and for sure many comments they make do not apply in Canada. You also can not judge what I know from a message board because most of my comments don’t come from sitting in front of a computer with a polithera of info for slang.
Not to mention pages and pages of canned comments.
But I do agree Jeff does have a good grasp on Electrical. I do not need to have this as Paul is on my speed dial. LOL

Besides that Charley what is this even doing in the HVAC section.

Exactly what do you consider a “canned comment” and what makes them so bad?

Lets take a GFCI comment…GFCI in the master bathroom does not respond to the test button and does not trip. This issue needs to be remedied by the proper licensed tradesman to alleviate the safety issue that presently exists.

Now I can type this up 100 different ways and type it each and everytime I find the defect. But would it not be smarter, just to save this and when this defect arises, I can just click the box and it automatically comes in?

Or is it your view it should be types over and over and over?

I did not put it in this thread or did you already forget who the OP was. Ya know KW I get more satisfaction going out side and holding a conversation with a fence post than talking with you where in the world do you come up with all the crap and dumb post you make. I gave you a good chance to explain the A/C duct beneath the slab on another post and the best you could do was to say it was bent and restricting air flow. Just go away find something to do like mop floors or something your qualified for cleaning commodes not inspecting them:roll:

And the best you could do is give the worst picture that would not even go in my report as I would be taking three or 4 before I got it clear.

You would not have known what was going on if I had stuck your head in that duct:roll:

Charley I don’t understand your point of being stupid. I already received a report from you and it has some very big errors. So since you are always talking about how accurate you are, Why would you send a report to me with bold comments like " This is what a real Inspection report looks like."
I also forwarded a comment to Nick on the report along with another long winded individual who feels he has what it takes.
I have received apologies from others that have done what you are doing, right now. Do I need to get one from you too?

Me apologize to your Stupid A** I care less who you forwarded my report to Nick does not pay my bills why would I care what he thinks. You can not pour Pi** from a boot with the directions on the heel. Get a life go do some work your not impressing anyone on this board with your knowledge which is very lacking :roll::roll:

The legend in his own mind will NEVER get it.


I have not seen your reports Michael. Do you want to send one to me also?

As of late you guys in the US have gotten into even more hot water for comments against Canadians. I think you might want to be very careful since the views on the US are not that good looking.

KW, do you make your daily goal to be the worst Canadian message poster?


Hey Mike
The 24 inch monitor is a lot better on my eyes…Thanks.

Do you make the same goal to always be the MB bully also Michael elevating your level to the Boston fans in the Hockey game along with the host of comments on Facebook they openly forwarded to the whole world.
It will not be the first time a US member on this MB has stuck there foot in their mouths before thinking.
Also are you taking someones place as the WAFI King.

U.S.A or Canada, it does not matter. You are from a different planet Kevin. Funny how you can p i s s off people in two countries at the same time. Is Mexico next??

Trust me Kevin.

If I said nothing there would be plenty who would step up and tell you exactly what you are.

And just what is your excuse for putting your foot up your backside until you can taste your toes?

Greg I have not pissed anyone off that did not take the first pock. Get in line!!!