What is under this sink? Think you know?

Give it a try. You could win a case of “Now…” books!

Check it out: https://www.nachi.org/forum/f27/questions-week-august-6-2018-a-131404/#post1956052

So who’s the winner of last weeks contest? It was never officially announced.

According to Marc - who, bottom line is the ONLY one who matters:

But again Marc’s answers are wrong. An AAV should be a minimum of 6" above the trap weir or (IRC P3114.4 Location “Min 4 inches above the horizontal branch drain.”) That pic clearly shows a distance over 4" - if that’s not obvious, you’re measurement challenged. Also there’s a chunk of tubing in the pic that could easily be a high loop - I saw it and assumed it was. To assume it’s not please just tell me what it is.

But the new rule changes prevent me from winning but another arbitrary rule in the quiz said to go ahead and play “if you haven’t posted yet”. Roy had posted quite a few times in the quiz but after Marc gave his answers and Roy copy / pasted them - he won.

So you change the rules mid-year to open this quiz up to new inspectors. Seems like it’s still the same old inspectors.

The quizzes are great. Most of the time - no, every time, I learn from them. Winning them is another story all together.



Thank you, Steve. :smiley:

Please read post 18 & 19 here: Questions Of The Week May 28, 2018

The failed inspector turned cab driver known as goofy shows his ignorance once more.](https://www.nachi.org/forum/f27/questions-week-august-6-2018-a-131404/#post1956220)
I am ashamed & apologize to our legitimate members. :frowning: